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I'm your spiritual best friend you haven't met yet!

Meet Sally, the Soul Nurturer

Think warm conversations, sitting with me or across the screen & feeling truly seen & heard.

Kick arse intuitive insights & healing energy that cuts to the core of what's going on for you that lands in your body and gives you goose bumps. It will feel like we've known eachother for ages!
I'm about all things Awakening and the messy business of becoming our true authentic selves.
That's what we are ultimately here to do you know...get real and lose our masks & protection walls around our heart. To love fully and intimately. And to find meaning, purpose, to thrive and blossom as our highest version.

This is my intention for you.

Which means we have to clear the blocks & obstacles so you can! We have to process and release the stuff in the way. We have to get you feeling safe in your body and present in your life. This is the deep inner work focus I offer, grounded in the reality of life.
Astrology, crystals and readings with Sally, Soul Nurturer
I'm an Astrology nut, the planets and their cycles support us deeply if we choose to understand how.
It's alot and most people can't get their heads around it but I love bringing the knowledge and insights into our sessions or mentoring journey.

As a child I looked at the Jonathan Cainer stars in the paper every week, I was always the weird different one in the family and I'm ok with that now ha!

"The divine light in me sees & honours the divine light in you. We are one"
In a nutshell before this Soul work I was a passionate Hairdresser for 27 years, the perfect training ground for my empathy/intuition/counselling skills to be mastered.

I had control issues & anxious attachment tendencies early in life after a dysfunctional childhood of domestic violence, poverty & plenty of uncertainty moving 12 times before adulthood.
Throw in three bouts of post natal depression with each child & I have navigated some gnarly experiences to be more than ready and willing to support you.

So many emotions, reactions & blocks to navigate. The shadows and inner child stuff matters, it needs to be unearthed & processed through. It's not as hard or scary as it sounds. Not with gentle heart felt support.
Awakening is messy. Awakening is hard.

What is my intuition and what is my chattering mind? It's so damn confusing...

You don't have to go round & round sabotaging yourself and getting frustrated and stuck on what's next and where to from here?!
I'm here to guide you through your spiritual journey & help make sense of it all... no matter whether you're just starting to ask questions and Awaken or whether you are embracing your Soul self but stuck in a relationship dynamic that you know is holding you back.

Aligning with love & ditching the fear is my Mantra for life and if you hang around me long enough you'll feel more courageous and empowered than you ever have!

"You are here to thrive not just settle and get through your day existing on autopilot"
In the last 5 years I've moved through the ultimate healing experience of divorce after a long marriage. I've learned so much about myself, relationships, healthy communication and conflict resolution in this time.

So basically, I've got you beautiful... I'm all heart, grounded and minimal woo. I'd love the honour of witnessing your journey and holding space as you move through the hard bits.


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