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Energy Work &
Intuitive Guidance

Energy Work & Intuitive Guidance

One-off sessions of Energy work & Intuitive Guidance to support you through stuck circumstances, overwhelm and challenging experiences in life.

Intuitive Guidance Reading

Intuitive Guidance Readings in person or online or voice recorded and emailed to you (not necessary to meet even, just send me your area of concern or questions)

45 min //  $99
60 min // $133
90 min //  $188

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 Intuitive Guidance Readings
How does it work?

I use Oracle cards as my tool of reference and it's like having a warm friendly conversation with someone who knows you well. I'll offer you Intuitive Guidance around areas you are stuck in and ways to support resolution and a clear path forward.

My Readings are focused in the now so you can clear the past and manifest the timeline in your future for your highest good.

Reiki Healing and
Chakra Balancing sessions

Reiki Healing and Chakra Balancing sessions in person or online or distantly without even meeting or talking 
(voice recorded and emailed to you)

45 mins  // $99
60 mins // $133
90 mins // $188

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 Reiki & Chakra Balancing
How does it work?

My Reiki sessions start with a conversation to set a clear intention from us both for the Healing. Then we move into a fully clothed, shoes off and laying on your back position on the comfy Reiki bed or in your home if it's a distance session.

Crystals are laid on the body to support your personal issues physically, emotionally and mentally. The Chakras are supported to rebalance with specific Crystals also.
I use essential oil sprays throughout the Reiki Healing which are made to support each Chakra coming into complete alignment.

And for another layer of support after the Reiki is finished you are gently bought back into your body with the divine energy of sound and my brass sound bowl. Sound waves nurture you back and cleanse your Aura leaving you top to toe relaxed, cleansed and cleared.

Packages of both
Readings/Energy Work

Packages of both Reading & Reiki services together for the ultimate experience of clarity and rebalancing. Leaving the session feeling lighter, released of emotional build up.

60 MINS (30 MINS OF EACH) // $144
90 MINS (45 MINS OF EACH) // $199
120 MINS (60 MINS OF EACH) // $266

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 Session Passes
Buy multiple sessions & save

Look for the 5 session special offer too if you want to dive in for more than one session and are up for a mini journey of growth!

Not ready to work 1 to 1 in a deep dive but know you need more than one session to work through your blocks and obstacles? Then this in-person or online option is for you!

This is currently the cheapest option to work with me and a wonderful offer to see if we are a great fit for a longer journey together also.

5 x 1 hour

5 x 1hr Sessions for only $555
5 is the numerology of aligned change!

Purchased up front in full and no time limit to use your 5 1hr Sessions. 

Valid for Readings, Reiki Healing and Chakra Balancing sessions.