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Manifesting a life
of purpose program

My signature Program 'Manifesting a Life of Purpose' is a 10 week, 1 to 1 in person or online journey.

I'll take you through healing your past, embracing your true self now and clearing the obstacles and habits that are holding you back from long term happiness and peace.

There are 6 and 12 month options of Mentoring too for life changing growth in all areas of your life... reach out for more details for these options.

What you expect in the course

A deep dive offering healing and clarity on the necessary experience of your past and how it has shaped you.
  • Your preferred state of being daily, discovering what's important to you (values) and your Authentic, unique personality traits.
  • Diving deeper into the foundations of who you are currently, and what is important to you in this lifetime.
Discovering your obstacles, blocks and limiting beliefs and clearing this layer for stronger foundations moving forward. Why Self Belief is a major piece of the puzzle.
Identifying your gifts, skills and talents, deepening your confidence and working through any worthiness issues.
Healing further limiting beliefs rising to the surface and discovering unconscious and subconscious patterns and habits that have been holding you back! Healthy personal Boundaries will be discovered and established.
Astrology, crystals and readings with Sally, Soul Nurturer
Developing daily rituals, supportive behaviours and understanding your Red flags and Fears to strengthen your love and acceptance of Self. This is an eye opening week!
An exciting discovery of your main Clair's and how to embrace them be able to receive, acknowledge, trust and take action with confidence on your Guidance from your Higher Self.

Our conditioning around money from our parents, society and culture runs deep and influences our experiences of abundance, flow and love. This is a life changing week!

How we initially attach to our Mother/Carer at birth determines how secure we feel and how much certainty is within our nervous system. Are you anxious, secure or avoidant and how this has shaped your choices and experiences so far.

Reflection allows us to acknowledge how far you've come in our time together. I will be celebrating you hard and releasing you with love and gratitude for the experience of witnessing your journey.

time for you

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Sessions for momentum and support through the messy & harder parts of Awakening